A few months of solid running…

So May/April was the Nepal trip

June was the marathon. 4hours53mins.

July was the You Yangs 50km. Loved it. Awesome day. Ran most of the hills, but ran everything else. Stacked it and grazed my knees like a little kid, but got up and finished well. 6hours53mins.

August training continued – increasing weekend long runs in the Dandy’s – First time sweeping Salomon race in Silvan – loved it, keen to sweep lots of races in future.

September training continues – several 40km Dandy runs – swept Anglesea SCC legs 1 and 2, 55km 9hours30mins – backed up by sweeping medium course on the Sunday.

September 20 ran 37km along Warby trail/Donna Buang hills with Pete S – feeling some pain in foot, and feeling the need to take it easy. Injuries have been few, and body has been responding exceptionally well to all the training – but worried about this foot pain as some similarities to pre-stress-fracture pain (tenderness on top, stiffness).

Rest today, easier week, long runs on weekend – and then it will be October, and the following month is ALPINE CHALLENGE!!!!!

Better start training,


A marathon!

On Sunday June 15 I ran my first marathon in Traralgon 🙂 My goal was to do the run in less than 5 hours, and to run most of the way. I finished in 4.53, with a 600m walking stint at the 30km mark. The day was beautiful and I loved running along country back roads and enjoying the sunshine! (lucky for winter!!!). My knees were sore for the next 24 hours, but apart from that I felt fantastic and pulled up very well after the run. I was just so happy!

I have signed up for You Yangs 50km event in July – this will be a real challenge, but I am really looking forward to it!

I am feeling stronger in my running, feeling better than I ever have! I am able to run without stopping, including trail hills. I am slow and steady! And loving it! 🙂

Bring on the next couple of months!

Just keep running!

Where am I at???

Where am I at?

It has been quite a while…..

I was in Nepal for 5 weeks – which was stunning – but no running there.

Since being back I have been sick, and finally over the tummy bug!

A friend from KRR mentioned starting a 5am running habit – and I decided I would like to give this a go. In the last few weeks we have done a few runs together, however she has been a little unwell to so not into any sort of routine yet. I enjoy the early morning run – once you’re out of bed and going it’s fine, fresh, and nice to get home having run 10-20kms before the sun is even up yet.

I plan to run with DTR group each Saturday morning, and do the monthly MTR runs on the Sunday at Lysterfield. I’m keen to join a new gym (when we buy a house) with classes so I can do some useful cross training and pushing myself and heart rate (otherwise all I’m really doing is just plodding along). The gym routine isn’t exciting me at all at the moment.

I have signed up for Alpine Challenge 100km in November and very excited about it! Can’t wait! Hoping to hear up to high country long weekend in a week for a few days of running some trails – will be great! Feeling good, but still easing back into it, aware of not over-training and making sure I allow for rest as well.

Keep on running

Some PBs

Feeling good these past few weeks, with some PB’s and general contentment with where I’m at 🙂

The last month I have been heading up to the Dandenongs as often as I have been able to and have been exploring the tracks up there.

Runs have included:

-Rollercoaster loop in parts and then in one solid run, 3.38, happy with this time – looking forward to doing this loop many times and getting gradually faster 🙂

-Thousand steps and back down in just under 30 minutes

-Up the Firebreak in 30 mins from the gate

-Running home from Castle’s house – hit 4m/kms down Canterbury Road hill – felt like my feet were literally on fire but great to hit this pace!


Feeling good, 🙂 Happ

Some good runs!

Feeling great this week!

In the last few weeks I have been up to the Dandy’s a few more times to run on Rollercoaster loop to strengthen the legs. I think it’s working!

I ran solid 16km with KRR this morning and felt great. Constant pace, no walking, felt I couldve kept running. 🙂

Feeling more confident – just need to maintain the kms and keep enjoying it.

Have made friends on FB with a few Dandy Trail Runners who are keen to run slower – which is great!

Upcoming runs include Baw Baw trail festival and Razorback.


Just keep running!

Routine routine routine…

My goal for the new year was to run more than I talk about it. Having had some frustrations already, I’m aware of the need to settle into a solid weekly routine to get the kms up and legs stronger. I have run at least every second day plus weights at gym. My left foot has still been sore on and off – so doing my best to listen to body when needed.

Runs in the last few weeks including:
-2×12 km solid with John Adams crew
-14km with KRR
-8km Mullum trails with Lauren/Andy
-15km along Dandy Rollercoaster track
-10km with Dandy trail runners (DTR)- hard!!!
-7km at Silvan – frustrating trying to find tracks!
-9km with mid-week Nunawading pool group – slow and steady = good for routine

Was great to run with DTR – but aware of how slow I was and having to walk hills often after 4km mark. I know this just takes time.

I realise I have been setting unrealistic goals and feeling a bit defeated – so stepping back, celebrating a solid week of running (over 50kms running and a lot of walking) – and meeting new running friends.

Until next time… Keep running!

Blogging on the iPhone!

Ok I just found the iPhone app for WordPress – winner!!

Bike ride up near Mansfield was good (but slow with the gravel + load + not bike fit + heat). I got out on a 10km jog at Bonnie Doon and then at Mt Samaria State Park (lovely!!) where we camped after the ride.

Dec 30: Heading up to Hotham I settled into the lodge and did a 10km that night to Mt Loch car park and up near Mt Loch return. My left foot was really tender on the rocks and I was feeling a bit worried about not having more appropriate shoes for the rough terrain. I hoped it would hold out!

Dec 31: Next day I ran 12kms with newly found friends Lauren and Andy (who live less than 1km from my house) to Dinner Plain village. Foot still sore, so we walked back. I then walked some more in the afternoon, totaling over 30kms for the day.

Jan 1: Next day I walked circuit from Mt Loch down Machinery Spur, across the high plains, Cobungra Gap, and back to the lodge. Roughly 40kms – foot was fine in my boots.

Jan 2; Wild weather that night and the rest of the party were leaving the next day so I schemed and planned some epic adventures for the coming days. However, a slow start, a longer than expected drive, wrong directions from the overweight rubbish man = a frustrating morning. I set out from Bogong Village to do the 60km loop of Alpine Challenge. I eventually got on right track and got over my frustrations but turned back at creek crossing. Drove up to Falls and walked into Heathy Spur to enjoy high plain amazing-ness. Can’t get enough of it! 30kms ish for the day.

2nd jan: Decided to drive home this night as the fully cluttered car was bursting with bikes panniers and gear and I don’t enjoy camping out by myself. Long drive home was a blur – was glad to get I to bed at 2am exhausted!

High country, I will be back soon!!!

Jan 5: ran 10kms in Yarra Glen – lovely! Felt good once in the rhythm!

Jan 6: ran 15km in Dandenongs – tried to follow Rollercoaster run loop but had trouble finding one of tracks and then ran out of time – will be back soon.

Trying to decide whether or not to lock into Wangaratta marathon Feb 23- not running the k’s yet but keen to just give it a go!

Keep on plodding.